Fritz Robbins

Fritz Robbins (1893- 1974)was a well-known local artist, whose folksy and beautiful drawings and prints have become quite popular. He lived in Californina and Philadelphia in the 1920's and spent time in Holland in the 1930's, producing beautiful works of art. He was a colorful character who won the hearts of everyone who was lucky to meet him and spend time with him.
"Fritz and Elsie Robbins’ house sits on a bend on Old Bristol Road, half a mile from New Hampton Village, just past a brook that runs under the road. I remember Fritz as a tall, smiling, cheerful soul. He had a craggy face and a thin angular strong body. The right hand front room of their house held a large printing press that took up most of the room. The left hand room was their living room. I remember visiting Elsie there, she sat in a chair in the corner and showed me the dolls she made with beautiful calico dresses.

The Robbins’ property abuts the former Camp Hemlocks, a boy’s camp run by my parents from 1950-1967. Fritz was always welcome. He would walk out behind his house, and through the woods down to camp to teach sketching.

The last time I saw Fritz I had stopped by his house to say hello. It was in the early 1970’s, he would have been in his late 70’s. He greeted me cheerfully. After visiting in his house for a while, we walked down the road together to his household water source at the brook. He carried a pail covered with cheesecloth and a dipper. He climbed down the bank and filled the pail with water straining it through the cheese cloth. We walked back up the road to his house and said good-bye."

Amy Rand MacDonald, New Hampton resident

Written: 1/23/16
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